About SBS Bank

SBS Bank knows a winning strategy, a performance-driven workplace and an emotionally engaged team will sustain superior performance. Hence our drive to become a High Performance Learning Environment, thereby becoming New Zealand’s Member Bank. Building relationships and providing long-term excellent service to our members is core to the purpose of our Branch, Contact Centre and Agribusiness teams. These front-line teams are supported by a network encompassing Marketing, Digital and Information Technology, Finance and Treasury, Innovation and Project Management, Risk Management, Human Resources and Lending/Banking Support. To achieve our goals we need people to work hard and be committed. However, it's not a matter of "all work and no play." Fun, enjoying the people we work alongside and a safe and healthy working environment all count as reasons why SBS Bank is considered a progressive employer that "walks the talk" of its "people first" commitment.

SBS Bank Experience

At SBS our team members all share and contribute to the achievement of our desired SBS Experience, progress against which is measured by an Employee Engagement Survey, appropriately called OUR VOICES:


Learning and Development

At SBS Bank we have a strong commitment to learning and growth.

We provide a full and detailed orientation and induction programme to ensure that new team members understand how the business operates and how their role fits into the overall mission of SBS Bank.

As we strive to become a High Performance Learning Environment, we offer our team members a wide range of development opportunities, which include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Development
  • CON2ECT with Sales training
  • CON2ECT with Lending training
  • Coaching for high performance and learning training for all managers and team leaders
  • Personal enhancement
  • Wide variety of e-learning modules on technical and soft-skills